Exploring a variety of perspectives about DeKalb County’s history helps us gain a deeper understanding of where we have been, where we are now, and how we can do better.

The History Center’s award-winning programs, collection, exhibits, and events are designed to invite critical thinking, to engage people of all ages and backgrounds, and to build a stronger DeKalb County.

This work is made possible through your generosity! Your investment to preserve the past, guarantees future generations can discover DeKalb County’s intriguing history. Please support the DeKalb County History Center’s mission of “Inspiring curiosity in DeKalb County’s history” with a donation during Give DeKalb County.

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Now have some fun as you explore some fascinating topics where you might find yourself saying,

“That’s History!?!?!”

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Don’t think history is interesting? What about facts, records, or legendary competitions in sports – yep, that’s history! DeKalb County can boast about its connections to the Super Bowl, and the Olympics, to a woman who played with the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, and more. Our county has strong athletic traditions.


Are pop culture, movies, or art more your thing? Guess what, those are part of our history too! DeKalb County is featured in Hollywood movies, home to talented artists, a destination for incredible theatrical performances, and serves as a tourist attraction with our variety of local concerts and community festivals.


Innovation and creativity can be traced to DeKalb County’s earliest days in agriculture, industry, manufacturing, and even in small family-owned businesses.

Did you know . . .

DeKalb County had a key role in the national Good Roads Movement, several businesses served international clients, and despite big companies moving into the area, there are still places that serve as neighborhood grocery stores. These stories are all essential to understanding DeKalb County’s history. .


While the History Center actively engages with local educators, more informal learning opportunities are also provided throughout the county to intrigue people of all ages. This is where storytelling and creative interactives make people forget they are learning because they are having so much fun!


Do you have information on my house? Can you help me with my family genealogy? These are common questions we hear at the History Center.

Photos, maps, obituaries, and letters are just a few examples of treasures in our archives used to help answer these questions. It is these types of carefully preserved resources, used by hundreds of people throughout the year, that switch history from something distant and unrelatable to that missing piece in your family’s story, that clue about your home, or connect you to where you live.