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If you were unable to attend one of our exhibits, or would like to refresh your memory on an exhibit you did attend, check out our online exhibit site, DCHC Exhibits! There you will find the Adventures To and From Sycamore exhibit, the Crossroads exhibit, and a link to the General Dutton's America exhibit.
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General Dutton's America

The story of Everell Dutton’s life exemplifies the pioneer spirit, dedication of the soldier, and richness of the Gilded Age. Through Dutton’s letters, photographs, maps, artifacts, and newspapers, we gain insight into the challenges, work ethics, and vision of man, community and nation. This exhibit is now closed. However, you can enjoy an online version at

Adventures To and From Sycamore

Alaska, Japan, Sweden, Mexico, France and Iraq are not necessarily places you would describe as having a strong connection to Sycamore. However, in the exhibit “Adventures To and From Sycamore,” these faraway lands are connected to local people with amazing stories. The exhibit has four main themes: immigration, education, military and expeditions. This exhibit is now closed. However, you can still enjoy an online version here.

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