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Meet Carlos Lattin


Carols Lattin (1813-1876) is credited with being the first permanent settler (at age 22) in Sycamore in 1835. He lived in a log cabin on State Street, at the current location of Stomp Shoes (307 W. State Street), with his wife and children for ten years.

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LattinLattin Cabin

Guided Questions:

  1. Why did Carlos Lattin chose Sycamore as the location to build his first house?
  2. What type of home was built in 1835?

Suggested Activity:

  1. Show the picture of Carlos Lattin. Allow students time to read the newspaper articles (see download) about Carlos and create a character sketch of Carlos Lattin.
  2. Read the description of the first permanent home built (see download). Allow students time to sketch what they think the house would have looked like based on that information. Once they are finished, show them the drawing of Carlos Lattin’s house, and compare their drawings to the actual house drawing.
  3. Extend the activity by identifying five items that could have been found in the house in the 1800s. Share and discuss items students identify.

Suggested Assessment:

Students can write one–paragraph biographies of Carlos Lattin.


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