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How "Good" Is It?


  1. The oxen pulling a cart – This image with the Ox-O-Mobile was taken on California Street as a publicity stunt for Cream of Barley. Photo: 1900.
  2. Interior and exterior photos of the Wittenmore & Brower Hardware Store at 210 W. State Street. Note: Interior photos from this time period are not common. Photo: 1909.
  3. Frank Larkin’s Cash Market was a corner grocery store at 112 Somonauk Street (1939-1944). Photo: no date.

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Oxen pull
Hardware store exteriorstore interior 1store interior 2
Frank Larkin's Cash Market

Guided Questions:

  1. What goods or services do these pictures show?
  2. Do we still need these goods or services today? Why or why not?

Suggested Activity:

  1. Begin by having students identify possible definitions for a good or service. Explain the actual meaning of a “good” or “service.”
  2. Show pictures of past times in Sycamore. Ask students to identify what goods or services are provided in each of these pictures.
  3. While discussing the pictures, question students about whether these goods are still needed today. How do we obtain these goods or services today?
  4. Continued conversation could evolve around why these goods or the methods for obtaining them have changed.

Suggested Assessment:

Students can illustrate a type of good or service that they will need when they grow up. In addition, they could write the definition of a good.