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Enhance your history unit with our Google Classrooms, Lesson Plans and In-Class! Each of these resources is carefully curated to highlight our local history within the context of larger themes.

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Google Classrooms

Veteran's Day Classroom

The DeKalb County History Center is proud to share with you our “Salute to Veterans of DeKalb County” Google Classroom.

DeKalb County communities and the people that have and are living here today share a rich history. It is an honor to provide these educational resources to help students understand the value our veterans have played in our past and the sacrifices our soldiers are making today. We hope you take time to look through our classroom and share these stories with your students.

Lesson Plans

Currently, our lesson plans are focused on Sycamore, but could be altered to accommodate our neighboring communities. As we move forward from our roots as Sycamore History Museum and continue growing into the DeKalb County History Center, additional county-inclusive lesson plans will be added.


Sycamore from 1830-1860
- 2nd Grade

Explore how Sycamore was established through an in-class presentation, hands-on artifacts, a walking tour, and a reflection booklet.

Presentation: 45 minutes
Walking Tour: 1 hour
Fee: $1 per student

Being a History Detective
-3rd Grade

Students are introduced to primary and secondary sources. Museum staff will show copies of letters, photographs, maps, and artifacts to discuss what these non-traditional historical materials can reveal to a researcher..

Presentation: 45 minutes
Fee: $1 per student

An Oral History Project
- 4th Grade

Working with the DeKalb County History Center, teachers will explore the process of creating history. Museum volunteers will train teachers on how to prepare their students for an interview, provide questions, and help teachers find local residents to participate in the project.

Presentation: 45 minutes + Interview time