Arts in Action: Community Storytelling Workshop with Dr. Ada Cheng

Do you want to tell stories to connect with people emotionally and to create intimate communities with others? Do you want to speak your truths out loud unapologetically and with a firm commitment to your lived experiences? There are two parts to this workshop. During the first half of the session, Dr. Cheng will host a workshop discussing the central tenets of the art form and some tips on crafting stories and performing. The second half of the workshop will be a practice session where participants will be able to apply their learning and practice sharing with the group in a safe space.
Note: Participants from this workshop will also have the opportunity to participate in a showcase open to the general public in late April. Dr. Cheng will work with participants to craft their stories and prepare them for the showcase.
An educator-turned artist, storyteller, and creator, Dr. Ada Cheng has utilized storytelling to illustrate structural inequities, raise critical awareness, and build intimate communities. Committed to amplifying and uplifting marginalized voices, she has created numerous storytelling platforms for BIPOC and LGBTQIA community members to tell difficult and vulnerable stories. Dr. Cheng has been a speaker for Illinois Humanities Road Scholars Speakers Bureau since 2019. She is 2023-24 Lund-Gill Endowed Chair at Dominican University. Her interests encompass academia, storytelling/performance, and advocacy. For more information visit her website here:
This program is made possible due to a generous Healing Illinois grant and will be held at Ellcourt, at the Ellwood House Museum. This event is is part of Arts in Action, a joint initiative from the DeKalb County History Center and Ellwood House Museum to tell a more inclusive and accurate account of DeKalb County’s history.


Apr 04 2024


6:30 pm


Ellwood House Museum
Dekalb, IL