Kick off! From 100 to 1 ~ You pick your favorite DeKalb County history object

Due to the COVID-19 “Shelter in Place” order, we do not know when our exhibit will open, but we figured we could still have fun and generate some interest in local history.” Starting April 13 we are inviting the public to participate in picking a winner in a brackets game:  “From 100 to 1 ~ Favorite Objects Connected to DeKalb County History.” There are a total of sixteen objects for the public to vote on starting on April 13 and continuing through April 27. Two were pre-selected, the DeKalb Ag flying ear of corn is one of the most recognizable logos in the world and the 1984 Olympic torch manufactured in Sycamore is also recognized internationally. The remaining objects were randomly selected. Each day two objects will be posted and people will vote on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for their favorite. The Championship will be on April 27,  on National “Tell a Story Day.” The prize will be free admission for four,  private tour of the exhibit, and $25 gift certificate in the History Center gift shop. If the winner lives out of town, they will get a tour through a video teleconference and gift certificate.

Anyone can vote, but to win to you have to register. Click below to sign up!




Apr 12 - 27 2020


All Day