Changing the Conversation: A staged reading and discussion on navigating difficult conversations

Changing the Conversation: A Staged Reading and Discussion on Navigating Difficult Conversations
Are we hopelessly destined for a future of political combat in which Americans are unable to even hear the other side? What if bringing us a little closer was as simple as changing the language we use?┬áTed Williams III, returns to lead another “Arts in Action” community discussion. He argues that simple changes in the way we speak can have a significant impact. Ultimately, by making simple changes we may realize the commonality of our aspirations and that a commitment to respectful pluralism provides us all with a space to co-exist.

This event is part of Arts in Action programing, sponsored by the DeKalb County Community Mental Health Board.


Mar 21 2024


6:30 pm


DeKalb Public Library
DeKalb Public Library, Oak Street, DeKalb, IL, USA