Arts in Action: Professional Development Teacher Workshop

By exploring local history that considers multiple perspectives, this workshop will help teachers build students’ critical thinking skills, strengthen the school-community bond, and expand opportunities to collaborate with one another.

June 20 @ DeKalb County History Center, 1730 N. Main Street, Sycamore

Using the inquiry method, Dr. VanGorder will explore how local history lessons can be a “teachable moment” that informs the national narratives that are already taught. Resources from the Arts in Action project will be used to illustrate how local stories can be woven into the larger fabric of American history narratives.

June 22 @ Ellwood House Museum, 420 Linden Place, DeKalb

Day two starts with Dr. Flynn providing an overview of Black and Latino history from a national perspective. Topics include World War I, racial covenants in the 1920s, the Great Migration, World War II, and sundown towns.

The afternoon will include feedback from teachers who have incorporated local history resources in their classrooms.

June 23 @ DeKalb County History Center archives 10:00 – 12:00

This optional third day gives teachers time to work in the archives and spend some one-on-one time with Dr. VanGorder for guidance.

11 Hours of Professional Development Credits (with an additional 2 hours if attending the options 6/23 class)

Fee is $75. Register on Eventbrite – CLICK HERE


Jun 20 - 23 2023




DeKalb County History Center

Location 2

Ellwood House Museum
Dekalb, IL