Conversations:   In this era of COVID-19, it is difficult to gather together and talk about the issues presented in the artwork and in the history of race in our local community. The conversation needs to happen – and will over time – but for this moment in 2021, we may have to rely on friends, family, and services to make us feel comfortable, seen, and heard. Please consider reviewing the following resources:

Read an open letter to Black students from Black faculty members at NIU.

Mental Health Resources

Our humble thanks to the Arts in Action advisory committee: Amy Levin, Virginia Sherrod, Lizbeth Román, Christina Abreu, and Anita Zurbrugg Thank you to project interns, Michelle Nuñez Salas (DCNP intern) and Jadakess Neal

Our profound thanks to the artists who can take difficult topics and merge their thoughts, feelings, and energies to create a work that inspires, transforms, and motivates.

Research for Arts in Action will continue and programming will be developed to share stories, unite people of differing backgrounds, and, it is our great hope, to heal.

This project is sponsored in part through a grant from Healing IL: The goals of Healing Illinois are to:
Build and advance knowledge and understanding of racial healing and racial equity in communities across the state Increase trust and relationship building, among the residents of Illinois
Provide opportunities for communities and individuals to begin to heal from the harms caused by racism
Build the foundation for long-term racial healing and anti-racism in Illinois

For questions, comments, or to tell your family’s story, please contact:

Brian Reis:

Michelle Donahoe: