Inspiring curiosity in DeKalb County's history

DCHC inspires curiosity in DeKalb County’s history by gathering, exploring, and inspiring people.

DCHC will explore the diverse stories that are part of our County’s history; gather people together through exhibits, programs, and research; and inspire people to apply this knowledge to enlighten the decisions of tomorrow.

DCHC also is committed to building the capacity of local organizations by providing resources and opportunities for collaboration.


The Sycamore History Museum transitioned into the DeKalb County History Center.


Joiner History Room will be housed in the new DCHC building.


Sycamore Fire Preservation Company will house their 1923 Stuz Fire Truck in the garage previously used by SHM for programming.


A new expanded website (coming Summer 2018) will connect DeKalb County history museums to provide a calendar of events, locations, hours of operations, and a list of resources for visitors.


The new website will also provide development resources for smaller museums to help build their capacity.

Our Goals:


The collection would reflect the significant stories of DeKalb County through artifacts and archival materials.


Engage and inspire visitors through programming and exhibits based in solid research.


Caring for artifacts and archival materials in ways that meet best practices.


Share historical resources in person and on-line with researchers locally, nationally, and internationally.


Build strategic collaborations with local history organizations to promote, enhance, and expand upon concepts connected to DeKalb County history.


Secure resources county wide for a sustainable future.

Board Members

John Boies, Sycamore
Steve Faivre, Sycamore
Dave Finney, Sycamore
Jean Klock, Kirkland
Bill Lenschow, Sycamore
Tom Matya, DeKalb
Carol Meeks, Sycamore
Orrin Merrit, Genoa
Bill Nicklas, Sycamore

Bob Pritchard, Hinckley
Alicia Schatteman, NIU
Anna Schelkopf, Sycamore
Jill Tritt, Sycamore
Jamie Walter, DeKalb

Ex Officio
City of Sycamore
DeKalb County