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DeKalb County History Center is committed to "Inspiring curiosity in DeKalb County’s history."


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Our Vision:

The DeKalb County History Center is committed to exploring our local history from a variety of perspectives; gathering people together through exhibits, programs, and research; engaging with people of diverse backgrounds to ensure they see themselves in our local history; and inspiring people to apply this knowledge to enlighten the decisions of tomorrow.

The History Center also is committed to building the capacity of local organizations by providing resources and opportunities for collaboration.


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Written by local historians, these stories share the deep, unique history that you find only in DeKalb County.

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Visit the Food exhibit during regular History Center hours.

Visit county history museums to discover even MORE:

DeKalb Area Agricultural Heritage Association

DeKalb Area Women's Center

Ellwood House Museum

Pick Museum of Anthropology

J.F. Glidden Homestead & Historical Center

NIU's Regional History Center

Kishwaukee Valley Heritage Society

Hinckley Historical Society

Leland Historical Society

Malta Historical & Genealogical Society

Sandwich Historical Society

Shabbona-Lee-Rollo Historical Museum

North Grove School Association

Waterman Area Heritage Society

Check with each museum for their hours of operation.

Food Exhibit Opens June 1



Food Exhibit Opens June 1


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   The latest features of the app include the ability to earn badges and prizes by visiting historical sites and answering questions related to them. By collecting all eight historical site badges, visitors can earn a special prize redeemable at the end of August. This initiative aims to encourage individuals to explore the rich history of DeKalb County by physically visiting these sites and learning more about their significance. While we recommend visiting during operating hours for the best experience, all the information needed can be accessed without entering any buildings. 

We hope that these updates and events will enhance your experience in DeKalb County and provide you with a deeper appreciation for the history and culture of our community. 


The History Center will be CLOSED on Thursday, July 4 for Independence Day.


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Current Exhibit

On display until April 2019.
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