From 100 to 1: DeKalb County's Favorite Objects

Between April 13 & 27, many participated in selecting a winner in a brackets game: "From 100 to 1 ~ Your Favorite Object in DeKalb County History."

Champion Object - Dairy Joy

Bracket Overview
Bracket Matchups

There are a total of 16 objects to vote on starting on April 13 and continuing through April 27. Two were pre-selected, the DeKalb Ag flying ear of corn is one of the most recognizable logos in the world and the 1984 Olympic torch manufactured in Sycamore is also recognized internationally. The remaining objects were randomly selected. The brackets and item descriptions are available below.

Object Descriptions


Each day two objects were posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for people to vote for their favorite. You can vote once a day. The Championship round was between Dairy Joy and the DeKalb Ag logo "flyer ear". The final vote resulted in the Championship Object being Dairy Joy!

Anyone registered and who selected the winning object was entered into a drawing for the Grand Prize - free admission for four, personal tour of the exhibit, and a $25 gift card to the History Center gift shop. If the winner lives out of town, they can enjoy a guided virtual tour using video conference technology. Consolation prizes (those who picked the winner but did not win the grand prize) will receive $5 off a $15 purchase of admission or merchandise. Limit one per person.