Introducing DCHC

After several years of conversations, focus groups, and meetings, March 1, 2018 marks the creation of the DeKalb County History Center in Sycamore, Illinois! This new organization is a result of a partnership between the Sycamore History Museum and the Joiner History Room, plus collaboration with 20-plus local history organizations throughout DeKalb County.

DCHC inspires curiosity in DeKalb County's history.

Coming in the spring of 2019, the brand new DeKalb County History Center will be home to exhibits and information on DeKalb County. See the renderings of the new center below, and explore our Progress page for updates!

Artist Renderings of the new building

The new building will be constructed at the same site as the DeKalb County History Center at 1730 North Main Street in Sycamore.

The new DCHC building will maintain the integrity of the farm and be a seamless addition through thoughtful design.

The Joiner History Room, archival/collection storage, exhibition space, and programming area will be housed in the new building.

Upcoming Events