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DeKalb County History Center is committed to "Inspiring curiosity in DeKalb County’s history."

The DeKalb County History Center, in partnership with the Joiner History Room, explores from a variety of perspectives that are part of our county’s history; gathers people together through exhibits, programs, and research; engages with people of diverse backgrounds to ensure they see themselves in our local history; and inspires people to apply this knowledge to enlighten the decisions of tomorrow.

The History Center also is committed to building the capacity of local organizations by providing resources and opportunities for collaboration.


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January 27 is Vietnam Peace Day

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Every object has a story. The best stories are those that help us understand ourselves, our community, and others. This exhibit looks to objects - some at the History Center, while others are found throughout the county - to tell us stories, which are broken down into four themes: "Daily Life, Change, Special Events and Government."

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Current Exhibit

On display until April 2019.
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Current Exhibit

On display until April 2019.
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